Complete Mental Repose

When is the last time you were completely alone with yourself in a dark room with nothing? Nothing at all? With only your breath and your mind?

I spent 60 full minutes floating alone in a float tank with perfectly heated water at 93.5 degrees with 1100 lbs of dissolved Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is very detoxifying. I typically soak in an Epson Salt bath several times a week. It is a great way for the body to absorb magnesium and it aids in pain relief. This quantity of Epsom Salt creates buoyancy that is twice that of the Dead Sea. My body was literally floating with no effort of my own. I have never experienced anything remotely close to this experience. Many of us have imagined or dreamed of "floating on a cloud". This must be what it would feel like … if that were possible.

Before entering this heavenly float environment, I showered to remove any dirt and oils. You can choose to wear a swimsuit, or opt for your birthday suit. Ear plugs are provided. I entered the float tank which was dimly lit and closed the door behind me. I laid in the pool of warm water in complete silence and turned the light off. Complete darkness. Complete silence. With only my mind, my body, and my breath.

I had to work to turn off the many thoughts that seemed to pop into my brain when I was wanting so badly to embrace the quiet. I can be guilty of focusing on what needs to get done and allow myself to be consumed by my to-do list. There is a time when we need to displace the anxiety that piles up from being so busy and feeling like we have so much that still needs to be done. We fail to enjoy the here and now because we keep thinking about what’s next.

So to end the racing thoughts in my mind I began to count at the speed of my breath from 0 to 300. This did eventually calm my brain and I cannot recall what number I made it to. I can recall seeing colors but no real thoughts entered my head for some period of time. I could eventually hear my breath fill my lungs and exit as I inhaled and exhaled.

Finding words to express this experience is challenging because it truly does not compare to anything else.

The feeling of letting go of my body and allowing the water to hold me up was beyond relaxing. After a while you cannot tell where your skin ends and the water begins. The concept of time was non-existent. I had no idea if I had been floating for 10 minutes or 50 during the float.

My areas of chronic tightness began to feel almost like a burn during my float. My neck and my shoulders realized they didn’t need to support me here. The repetitive movements from my everyday work, the tightness from life’s stresses, and the aches that creep in as the birthdays pass quickly by (and they do fly by!), were faded in that bubble, for my hour. Completely.

Oh that bubble! Since my float, I find myself thinking of all the clients, friends, family, and neighbors, that would be amazed by this experience. I think of those who would truly feel the benefit of this escape. It’s healing in so many ways. It’s pure peace unlike peace you have known. It’s quiet and darkness in a safe sea that is beyond comforting. In a world where we are all overstimulated by the noises, and devices, and universal chaos, this floating experience is the nothingness we all could stand to have a piece of.

With a passion for proactive self care & wellness, I see far beyond the obvious benefits of floating in a float tank/pod. I find myself wishing this had a different name because so many people will associate this to simply "floating in a pool" and it is so very different than that.

Two days post float, I called to see if I could go back. It was that great! Unfortunately, the float tanks were booked. But, if you find yourself in Mt.Pleasant, SC, I highly recommend Glowspa for a float session. It is a must!

The dream is pulsating through every ounce of my body that floating therapy will one day be available in the Burlington area. This is a topic I have been researching and reading about for a long time. With an innate passion for proactive self care, I love sharing my love for wellness related products, services, and therapies.

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