Effortless State of Calm

Written by Linda Seals

March 11, 2020

"Have you heard about floating?" my friend asks. Leaning forward in my chair, I catch Lisa’s excitement about Simply Massage and Wellness flotation sessions. I feel super curious. Her eyes light up as she tells me details. I love new experiences that are relaxing and beneficial, so I probe, "How much?"

"The regular price is $75 for the hour-long session, but the first visit is only $59."

"Okay. I can do that," I decide.

Walking into Simply Massage and Wellness a week later, I immediately sense welcome and safety and beauty. It smells good. The natural lighting from the storefront windows illuminates the comfortable sitting area. From behind the natural wood countertop, the attendant moves forward to greet me. Calm and warm and welcoming, she goes over the instructions, I sign a waiver and follow her to the hallway on the left.

Both private float rooms have a changing area, shower, and flotation tank. Prepared on the sitting bench are a plump pyramid of fresh towels and a personal pair of deep orange ear plugs to seal out the water. Mounted on the shower wall are dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Everything is very clean. Flittering through the glass door from inside the float tank, aqua blue light plays on the pool of water. If I need it, the intercom connects me to the front desk for help.

Inside the room I lock the door to the hall and put in the earplugs. After a quick rinse under the shower, I step through the glass door into the warm pool. The saturation of Epsom salt keeps me completely buoyant as I lie back, and there is plenty of room to stretch out and turn. I play with the light control, turning the aqua to green, yellow, red, violet, white, and even experiment with floating in the dark. The music is soft and calming, then fades and disappears.

I give myself sixty minutes of sensory calm. Reducing gravity, light and sound, I discover relaxation. Removed from people, expectations and chores, I belong to myself. Exhale. No clock, no timer, I let go of micromanaging minutes. I’m floating. I’m okay. Something inside shifts. Then the  light turns on. The session is over, but the experience continues. After a warm shower and shampoo, I dress and exit the flotation room. Down the hall across from the bathroom is a hair dryer and mirror with complementary hair products.

Interested in the membership deal, I lock into the $59 for one float a month, understanding I can schedule extra sessions or cancel anytime. Directly across from the flotation room is a lounge, softly lit and lovely, for members to relax in and enjoy for an additional hour after the float. I love this extra value. The lounge offers complementary water, hot tea, a cup of kombucha on tap, trail mix, interesting books and fun toys, like my favorite the Exotic Sands TM oval glass. After the third float I notice the cumulative benefits of quieting my sensory nervous system. I love floating. Every month I sign the guest book, because each float is unique.

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