For the Love of Grass

During a recent trip to Canada, we had the opportunity to visit a wheatgrass farm in Stouffville, Ontario. This wheatgrass farm has been in operation since 1972. That is longer than I have been alive! Already having some knowledge and a love for wheatgrass, I was amazed at just how much more there was for me to learn about the long list of health benefits.

Janice and Tom Stem, owners, opened their home and their hearts to us. This family is passionate about what they do. Hot and sweaty, straight off the combine, Mr, Stem shook hands with each of us and expressed his gratitude for our interest in his crop. We quickly connected as he joked with me about my southern accent that he instantly knew. Tom Stem was born in NC and one of the small towns here, Stem, NC, was named after his grandfather. Small world, eh? All true Canadians say "eh".

This more than organic crop is field grown from heirloom seed, pesticide/herbacide/chemical free, non-GMO, and tested gluten-free. Once harvested, this wheatgrass is immediately processed. The juicing is done in a single continuous process in a closed system, atmosphere free meaning the juice cannot be degraded through oxidation.  This juice is raw, living and bio-active; no pasteurization, pascalization or irradiation of the juice. The juice is frozen using liquid nitrogen stored at −320 °F which helps to maintain all nutrients.

This gracious family made us all a fresh glass of wheatgrass to enjoy while we talked for a bit. I found a deeper love for something I already had a thing for. The work is not easy. The equipment must be constantly maintained. Sometimes the weather doesn’t play fair. Boy do I have a new appreciation for this crop and for this family. Years ago they saw the benefits of this crop firsthand and decided to perfect their craft. They exceeded our expectations. We are drinking our wheatgrass juice every day. It has only been a little over two weeks, and we can already feel the increase in our energy levels. That alone seals the deal for me!

Interested in learning more? Check out the website of Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass at www.dynamicgreens.com/en-us/.


01/24/2022 by BobbyDar

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