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Float Therapy

Floatation Therapy, also known as floating, floatation, sensory deprivation, or R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) involves lying in a highly concentrated salt-water solution. It is one of the most effective means of stress relief and relaxation available. Now widely accepted as a legitimate therapy, floatation is also used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions and has been proven to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone). The healing benefits of relaxation have long been documented. The extreme relaxation of Float Therapy is unique due to the environment that the float environment provides. The anti-gravity benefits permit decompression of the spine, elimination of pressure points from the body, increases endorphin and dopamine levels, leaving you feeling blissful for days.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

The Effortless State of Calm

  • your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe
  • how float therapy works: 10 inches of water, 1000 pounds of epsom salt, bliss

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What Our Clients Say

The massage with Margarita was the best massage I have ever had.– Sam

Terri makes you comfortable from the minute you walk it until you float out so very relaxed! Always satisfied with the service and warmth of her sweet personality! – Jane Love

Absolutely one of the best!!! Beautiful place & staff!! Thanks Terri for always being there & helping me !! – Susan Briggs Burton

Deshawn made me feel so comfortable from the very beginning. – Dana

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